1. How early should I arrive before a class?

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early to allow us to help you get situated.

2. What do I wear?

Normal workout attire and shoes are fine. WE HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU... our next door neighbor, Motor City Bicycle, has a 25% off package for our new riders! Your first purchase from them (that can be used in the Ride) such as clip-in shoes, shorts, etc is 25% off!

3. Do you provide child care?

Yes we do! Please see pricing in MEMBERSHIP section. Child care is on call, so please sign up or cancel 2 hours prior to class.

4. Are showers available?

Yes! We have two locker rooms, one family restroom/shower and one child-specific restroom.

5. Do you have food available?

YES! We have freshly-made food at our sister business, the Fuel. Visit their website at https://www.discoverthefuel.com/.

6. Do you offer early morning classes?

Yes! We offer 5:30 am classes for our early risers. You must be signed up or cancel your reservation by 8:30p the NIGHT prior.

7. Do you have deals for your other businesses?

YES! If you have participated in a class at the Ride and purchase anything from the Fuel cooler, show your receipt for anything of equal or lesser value to be 20% off at the Fuel (same day only). We also encourage our members to cross train with yoga at the Space. Please see our MEMBERSHIP section for details.